In order for us to live in harmony, we must first open up our hearts to LOVE in harmony. 

That requires us, with all of our differences, to acquire characteristics of strong integrity. 

Our core values of mutual respect and acceptance will afford us marvelous opportunities to

intermingle as a community, with ease, as we grow to appreciate the various cultural

heritages of one another.

We are individuals of multiple shapes and shades.  We are vocal and quiet.  We possess

beliefs, disbelief, and even unbelief.  We are extremely diverse, but we all LOVE who we

are as individuals.

If we can foster a mutual understanding of individual love as it relates to culture and

heritage, and express the significance of maintaining harmony in our community among

different cultures, we can, without a doubt, Live in Harmony while we Embrace our



Samyra C Snoddy

Samyra C. Snoddy

President, West Alabama Multicultural Alliance

Board of Directors


Vincent Brown

Carol Conner

Teresa Harris

Elijah Hood

LaJuan Hutchinson, PhD

Sonya Hutchinson, PhD

Loretta Jones

Amanda Jackson

Dwight Monroe

Jacqueline Pryor

Kevil Tice

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